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Homo Sapiens (28 Feb – 15 March 2002).  Singapore.

Solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Indonesian modern contemporary artist, Teguh Ostenrik, through which he expressed his opinions and suppositions on the evolution of the human race.

The Flying Zone (10 28 April 2002). Singapore.

Solo exhibition by Argentinian painter, Enrique Castanon.


Corpus: Strength & Sensibility (23 May – 6 June 2002). Singapore

An exhibition of over 70 paintings and sculptures that decipher the grammar of the human body through the subtle depiction of emotions and attitudes of the human form by artists Ade Artie Tjakra, Jeannette Bijlmer, Mary Jane Edleson and Teguh Ostenrik.

Tjakra's oil and water colour works subtly convey their meaning through the body language of her figures, while Bijlmer and Edleson's works show stronger form and movement.

Ostenrik's use of vivid strokes and colour convey strong moods and emotions, which oftentimes reveal an attempt to break free of limitations.




Self & Soul (15 30 August 2002).  Singapore.

Group exhibition which delves into an individual's confrontation with himself, others, his environment and destiny, by 3 contemporary Asian artists: Diah Yulianti and Katirin from Indonesia, and Ahmad Shukri Elias from Malaysia.

Yulianti's work focuses on revealing spirituality and the symbolism of ritual from a female's point of view. With fluid strokes of colour, Katirin's paintings evolve into a poetry of emotion, while Shukri's works suggest more depth to what first appears as a striking visage. 








Elements: Earth, Water, Wind & Fire (8 25 October 2002).  Singapore.

A showcase of over 60 paintings evoking nature’s power and beauty, through the eyes of the 7 artists who have lived in and explored these environments during their travels; all of whom hail from the Asia Pacific region: Elizabeth Anne Wadsworth, Terri Butterworth, Lyndal Campbell (Australia); Goh Beng Kwan (Singapore); Chan Ayee, Nyan Lin Htet (Myanmar), and Teguh Ostenrik (Indonesia).

Art Treasures (27 November 5 December 2002).  Singapore

A pre-Christmas Art Exhibition and Fair, featuring 200 works by sixteen artists.

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