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Celebration! (11 March – 11 April 2004). Singapore. 

Featuring works by Indonesian, Singapore, Australian, Myanmar and Malaysian artists, to celebrate the opening of YaddoArt’s gallery, Y!Art at 19 Duxton Hill.


Reflection (7 – 19 May 2004). Singapore.

Solo exhibition by award winning South Kalimantan artist, Diah Yulianti, featuring 25 paintings and sculptures delving into the artist's inner sanctuary, through a reflection of her everyday interactions with those closest to her, her relationships, and existence. 




Emotion (21 May – 4 June 2004). Singapore

Solo exhibition by artist, Katirin from Yogyakarta, featuring multi-layered body forms which hint at subtle body language or show powerful emotional entanglements. Katirin is a graduate of the Fine Arts Faculty of Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI) in Yogyakarta. In 1994, he won the Affandi Prize in Yogyakarta and in 1997, the award for the best painting at ISI Yogyakarta.


The Grandeur of Substance and Soul (16 June – 16 July 2004).  Singapore.

Exhibition by four modern contemporary artists in Indonesia portraying the mystery and power of the human spirit.


MissionAlive Art Fair (3 – 6 October 2004). Cork, Ireland. 

Participation in the MissionAlive Art Fair by husband and wife artist team from Yogyakarta, Indonesia - painter Diah Yulianti and jewellery artist, Ario Rushartono. Through her paintings and sculptures of the spirit world, Yulianti reflects on her relationships and her very existence. Rushartono has designed for several leading fashion houses in the region including the famous BIYAN label, while his jewellery, bags and sculptures have been exhibited and sold widely in Indonesia and Singapore. 

InNuDe (21 October – 20 November 2004). Singapore

Paintings and sculpture by a group of female artists from different backgrounds, celebrating the human form through the nude form, body language, reflective moments and relationships, by Indonesian artist Ade Artie Tjakra, Dutch artist Jeanette Bijlmer and Taiwanese French artist Sun I Yu.

One of the first female painters to hold a solo exhibition of nudes in Jakarta, Tjakra's works subtly convey depth in the body language of her figures. While Bjilmer's work explore versatility of the human body with greater abstraction, her works are strong in colour and composition, capturing body language and gesture, and feelings and emotions in relationships. Having travelled widely through Europe and Asia, Sun has had her work in both private and public collections, and has held exhibitions in Taiwan and Singapore.

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