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Winter Collection (15 Dec 2004 – 15 Feb 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

Group exhibition of paintings by Ahmad Shukri Elias (Malaysia); Aye Ko, Chan Aye (Myanmar); Diah Yulianti, Katirin, Teguh Ostenrik (Indonesia); Lyndal Campbell (Australia); Sun I Yu (France); Choey Kwok Kay, Wong Keen and Yu Tian Cheu (Singapore).

comPASSION - No Greater Love (4 March 2004 – 17 April 2005). Singapore.

Solo exhibition by Indonesian artist, Teguh Ostenrik, of his series of life-size bronze sculptures

depicting Christ's passion and the Stations of the Cross. The exhibition was taken across the island,

and staged at the newest and oldest churches in Singapore at that time: Church of St. Mary of the

Angels and The Armenian Church.


Earth, Wind & Fire (30 May – 30 June 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

Paintings by Australian artist, Elizabeth Wadsworth - a contemporary abstract, landscape, seascape and figurative painter. Known particularly for her landscape and ocean paintings, Elizabeth's paintings have found a place in many private and corporate collections in Australia, England, the United States and Canada.

New Wave 1 – Moving in Time (15 July – 05 August 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by emerging artists, Aaliyah Hamdoon, Georgiana Phua, Hong Xiao Hui, Nurayiskin Hamzah, whose work encapsulates time in moving forms and fleeting images. The paintings and ceramic sculptures speak of memories, like a language of its own existing within parallels of infinite space and time.


New Wave 2 – Space (12 August – 02 September 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

Exhibition of paintings by artists Ezan Khatib, Haslina Abdul Rahman, Jeremy Ng and Lin Bao-Ling. Ezan's focus on architecture and cityscapes, Haslina's use of a monochromatic palette, Jeremy's abstract work and Bao-Ling's urban nightscapes come together to create New Wave 2 - Space. 

Christ to Asia (1 September – 14 September 2005). The Arts House, Old Parliament, Singapore.

A collection of 60 paintings, sculptures and photographs by paintings by artists from Asia Pacific. Held in conjunction with The Asia Civilizations Museum's "Journey of Faith" exhibition, the collection of Christian art complements the Vatican's centuries-old paintings and artefacts with modern contemporary works.

The participating artists were Geoff Todd (Australia); Li Wei-San (China); Ade Artie Tjakra, Diah Yulianti, Dolorosa Sinaga, Gde Sukana Kariana, Ketut Lasia, Komang Wahyu S., Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani, Tegu Ostenrik, Wisnu Sasongko (Indonesia); Ramon Orlina (Phillipines); Hanna C. Varghese (Malaysia); and David Zhang (Singapore).

New Wave 3 - Ritual & Distortion (7 September – 30 September 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

Ritual & Distortion is the last in the 3-part New Wave series, and brings together the paintings of

Muhammad Fareez ("Fareez") and Mohammad Zulkifli ("Zul"), both of whom are Lasalle-Sia graduates.

Fareez uses the idea of "conflict and guardian angels" to turn his art into an examination of instances

of personal psychological confrontation, while Zul works with stories and fairy tales to bring out the

unconscious and his inner experiences.

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