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Angels (7 December 2005 – 4 January 2006). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

A yuletide celebration of art, featuring works by Indonesian artists Diah Yulianti, Sukana Kariana,

Teguh Ostenrik, Wahyu Sukayasa, and Filipino artist Ramon Orlina.

Asian Art Mosaic (13 April – 16 April 2006). Windsor Ballroom The Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.

A collection of over 100 paintings and sculptures by over 30 Asian artists from Indonesia, China, India and Singapore. Working in collaboration with Art Consultancy and organiser YaddoArt, Sidharta Auctioneers was the curator and Auction Adviser for Asian Art Mosaic, providing the region's art collectors and buyers a refreshingly different format to the regular spring auctions of the major auction houses.

The highlight of the exhibition was a collection of forty-one painintings by renowned Shanghai-born artist Hong Zhu An, who rose to prominence in Singapore after winning the 1994 UOB Grand Painting of the Year Award, and quickly receiving quick interest in his work throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.


Psalms for the Secular (13 April – 5 May 2006). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

A collaboration between and Australian artist Geoff Todd and poet Stewart Levitt. Todd's strongly figurative work revolves around intimate, personal and often erotic connections with his subjects, while encompassing broader themes. Sydney lawyer Stewart Levitt has been an advocate for multiple causes, including for equality for Aborigines under Criminal Law and equal legal practice. In Levitt's poetry, Todd found a muse for his art, featured in Psalms for the Secular.


Mother & Child (6 May – 26 May 2006). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

A group exhibition by Myanmese artist Aung Myint, Australian artist Geoff Todd, and Indonesian artists Ade Artie Tjakra, Katirin and Dolorosa Sinaga.

The exhibition features a collection of paintings and sculptures recognising and honoring the special role of a mother, with a unique series of Mother & Child paintings done in blood and acrylic by Geoff Todd. Through this medium, Todd attempts to convey the senseless loss of life in war and terrorism, leaving behind mothers and their children.


Large Canvas (1 – 23 June 2006). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

A display of large abstract paintings (measuring 1.5 to 2 metres in length) by Thai artist Alongkorn Poochamchote (Kob). Kob started painting after graduation, and currently has clientele in places as far-ranging as South America, Australia and China. His paintings evoke in the viewer the emotion that he has embedded in the many layers of vibrant colour.


The Free Land & The Elephant (16 November – 16 December 2006). Gallery @ Sixty Hill, Singapore

A collection of paintings by Samrit Petchkong, Kris Suratjoenjai, and Pat Kaewdome - three of Thailand's top modern contemporary artists. The works featured are a reflection of the spirit of the "free land", the meaning of Thailand or Prathet Thai, including mystical works of the elephant as the noble beast in Thailand, to abstract works on Buddhist themes of good and evil.

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