Homo Sapiens (28 Feb – 15 March 2002).  Singapore.

Solo exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Indonesian modern contemporary artist, Teguh Ostenrk.


The Flying Zone (10 28 April 2002). Singapore.

Solo exhibition by Enrique Castanon.


Corpus: Strength & Sensibility (23 May – 6 June 2002). Singapore

Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Ade Artie, Jeannette Bijlmer, Mary Jane Edleson, Teguh Ostenrik.


Self & Soul (15 30 August 2002).  Singapore.

Group exhibition by 3 contemporary Asian artists: Diah Yulianti and Katirin from Indonesia, and Ahmad Shukri Elias from Malaysia.


Elements: Earth, Water, Wind & Fire (8 25 October 2002).  Singapore.

A showcase of paintings evoking nature’s power and beauty by a group of artists from the Asia Pacific region: Australia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Art Treasures (27 November 5 December 2002).  Singapore

A pre-Christmas Art Exhibition and Fair, featuring 200 works by sixteen artists.


Legend & Reality (21 May – 5 June 2003). Singapore.

Group exhibition by five Myanmar artists, capturing the social conscience on canvas, with a hint of past history and legend.


Praise (5 – 14 September 2003). Manila, Philippines.

Exhibition of sculptures and terracotta panels of Franciscan saints and scenes of Christ’s passion and resurrection by artist, Teguh Ostenrik.


The Pioneers 4 (16 October – 5 November 2003).  Singapore. 

Exhibition celebrating the success of four artists who left Singapore’s shores in 1962 for New York with a burning passion to make better artists of themselves. Exhibition is the first time in forty years that the group – Choey Kwok Kay, Goh Beng Kwan, Wong Keen and Yu Tian Cheu – has come together for a show!


Celebration! (11 March – 11 April 2004). Singapore. 

Featuring work by Indonesian, Singapore, Australian, Myanmar and Malaysian artists, to celebrate the opening of YaddoArt’s gallery, Y!Art at 19 Duxton Hill.


Reflection (7 – 19 May 2004). Singapore.

Solo exhibition by South Kalimantan artist, Diah Yulianti


Emotion (21 May – 4 June 2004). Singapore

Solo exhibition by artist, Katirin from Yogyakarta.


The Grandeur of Substance and Soul (16 June – 16 July).  Singapore.

Exhibition by four modern contemporary artists in Indonesia portraying the mystery and power of the human spirit.


MissionAlive Art Fair (10 14 October 2004). Cork, Ireland. 

Participation in Art Fair with Indonesian painter, Diah Yulianti and jewellery artist, Ario Rushartono.


InNuDe (21 October – 20 November 2004). Singapore

Paintings and sculpture by a group of female artists from different backgrounds, celebrating the human form– Indonesian Ade Artie Tjakra, Dutch Jeanette Bijlmer and Taiwanese French Sun I Yu.


Winter Collection (15 Dec 2004 – 15 Feb 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

Group exhibition of paintings by Ahmad Shukri Elias, Aye Ko, Chan Aye, Choey Kwok Kay, Diah Yulianti, Katirin, Lyndal Campbell, Sun I Yu, Teguh Ostenrik, Wong Keen, Yu Tian Cheu


New Wave 1 – Moving in Time (15 July – 05 August 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore

Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by emerging artists, Aaliyah Hamdoon, Georgiana Phua, Hong Xiao Hui, Nurayiskin Hamzah.


Earth, Wind & Fire (30 May – 30 June 2005). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

Paintings by Australian artist, Elizabeth Wadsworth.


Psalms for the Secular (13 April – 5 May 2006). YaddoArt@Duxton, Singapore.

A collaboration between and artist and a poet. Paintings by Geoff Todd and poems by Stewart Levitt.


Large Canvas (1 – 23 June 2006). YaddoArt @ Duxton, Singapore

Large 2-3 metre abstract paintings by Thai artist Alongkorn Poochamchote


Asian Journeys (1 – 14 September 2007). CJ Gallery, San Diego, USA.

Exhibition and collection of works on paper by acclaimed Singapore artist, Goh Beng Kwan.


U-Turn for Change (21 Jan 21 Feb 2009). YaddoArt Studio at Arab St, Singapore

A celebration for change with art and music, marking the election of American President, Barack Obama.  Artwork by Ezan Khatib, Kong Mei Sing, Farizwan Fajari aka Speakcryptic.


Classes & Exhibition By Indonesian Artist Teguh Ostenrik (27 Feb – 3 Mar 2014). Art Corridor at Qunci Villas, Lombok

Exhibition of paintings and sculpture by acclaimed Indonesian artist, Teguh Ostenrik, created during his artist residency at Quinci Villas, Lombok. In Teguh’s latest series of sculptures made from scrap metal, we see a “oneness” of the human form and nature.


sens*ual sex*ual (14 Feb 4 Mar 2014)Gallery@Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café, Singapore.

Group exhibition of nude paintings and sculpture by artists Sun I Yu, Ravi Shail, Katirin and Teguh Ostenrik.


What’s Within (8 Feb – 14 Feb 2014). Art Corridor at Qunci Villas, Lombok

Exhibition of 34 paintings by Indonesian artist Diah Yulianti, caputuring the spirit of her surroundings and environment. Exhibition was part of artist residency program.


Form & Feeling (8 Feb – 14 Feb 2014). Art Corridor at Qunci Villas, Lombok.

Exhibition of paintings by Indonesian artist, Katirin from Yogjakarta, created during a 3-week artist residency program.


Risen (12 Apr 2 May 2014). Gallery@Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café, Singapore.

Exhibition of contemporary paintings on biblical themes by artists from Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.